Musicare Mission Statement

Musicare serves children and their families in their desire to enjoy music, enrich their lives, affirm personal recognition
and development, and participate in community by means of sharing music creatively in a variety of developmentally
appropriate ways, reaching out to all children, providing books and tapes for sale, and educating parents and teachers.

Musicare serves its people in our desire to enjoy music, enrich our lives and the lives of children, affirm personal
recognition and development, lead balanced lives, participate in community, and have a source of income with
integrity by inspiring, educating and motivating each other and sharing and improving our resources.

Music and Learning: A Beautiful Duet

There is something special about music that makes learning about the world around us easier and more fun.
Musicare is an exciting, educational, fun-filled, hands-on music program for children ages 18 months to six years old.


Musicare Classes Provide

 repetition that reinforces learning
 rhythmic beats that enhance coordination
 patterns that help in anticipating what comes next
 melodies that capture our attention and hearts in enjoyment
 words that are the building blocks of language and literacy

Musicare Classes Develop

 verbal skills
 musical skills
 academic skills
 socialization skills
 artistic appreciation
 emotional well-being
 physical coordination, awareness and balance
 relationship skills such as sharing and taking turns
 listening skills