Emily Conkey

Emily Conkey

South Bay Area, California


Emily Conkey, musician, singer, mother, and public health educator, recently relocated to the Bay Area and is thrilled to share her love kindness, warmth, and excitement for music with your child! 

Miss Emily has been teaching preschool music classes for 10 years and since receiving her Musicare Early Childhood Music Teaching Certification in 2012, she has had the pleasure of teaching music and movement to over 1000 children in Boulder, Colorado, Lausanne, Switzerland, and Corvallis, Oregon.

Miss Emily has been the lead singer in two bands, has sung in several classical choirs, and even worked as a country music star impersonator while living in Switzerland. She is fluent in French and plays the piano, violin, guitar, and ukulele.  She loves working with children and finds great fulfillment in helping them express themselves, learn, and have wonderfully fun experiences while developing a strong musical foundation.

Contact Emily at emily@musicare-usa.com